Arlen Glick

Arlen Glick | Massillon, OH

  • 2022
    • 3rd Place - Western States 100
  • 2021
    • 3rd Ranked Ultrarunner In The United States
    • 1st Place (3rd Fastest Time) - Javelina Jundred - 100 Miler
    • 1st Place (Course Record) - Burning River - 100 Miler
    • 1st Place (Course Record) - Mohican - 100 Miler
    • 1st Place (2nd Fastest Time) - Umstead - 100 Miler
  • 2020
    • 1st Place (Course Record) - Tuscazoar 100 - 100 Miler
    • 1st Place (Course Record) - Canal Corridor - 100 Miler
  • 2019
    • 1st Place - Mohican - 100 Miler
    • 1st Place - Canal Corridor - 100 Miler
  • 2018
    • 1st Place (Course Record) - Eagle Up Ultra - 100 Miler

I came from a large and very close family. Growing up I never took an interest in running and was not involved much in sports. My family traveled all across the country.  A lot of my early life was involved with ministry. We enjoyed singing and sharing, mostly in prisons. I also was working with my brothers doing excavating and construction. When I was around 18yrs old I started doing some running just for the health benefits but soon found it to be very enjoyable. While I had no interest in running competitively, I continued to challenge myself in running further and further distances.  Finally, a friend invited me to a small 10k trail race and I really enjoyed it! I knew at that point I wanted to get more serious about training and running. I had planned on competing in a marathon later that year but soon found myself injured and my marathon goal would have to wait. The following year I ran quite a few small road races and completed my first marathon in the fall of 2015!  I found myself continually wondering what it would be like to run and compete beyond the marathon. The following year I ran my first 50k and it seemed the farther I ran, the better I did, and also the more I enjoyed it. In 2017 I ran my first 50 miler and the following year I ran my first 100 miler- running much faster than I ever thought possible. It took a long time to recover, both mentally and physically from the crazy experience, but at that point, I knew ultramarathons would definitely be my future.

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I have continued pushing my limits, farther and faster, and I definitely enjoy it more and more every time I toe the line. I am so blessed to have the health to run and a family that is supportive of my passions. In the future, I plan to continue finding new ways to challenge myself with running farther and faster. Ultimately, I’d love to continue to enjoy as much of this journey as I possibly can and to bless as many people along the way as I can.