Wed Aug.3 2022 12:00:00 GTM-12:00 (Eastern Standard Time)


Dover, Ohio | 200 mile ,

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  • This race is currently being re-created into a bigger and better race in 2023. More details coming soon!
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    • 200 mile
      12:00 pm
    Team RWB Logo will donate a portion of every registration service fee to Team RWB on behalf of this race to support our veterans.

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    WedAug.3 2022 RDR200




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    Race Overview

    The thought and reasoning behind RDR200. We wanted to put on a 200 mile race that we feel would appeal to so many different runners. Most 200 mile races are in the western US. Our race will give Runners an opportunity to try a 200 mile distance closer to home (if you live in the east.) The result of this will save folks in travel expenses, time off work and at a much lower race entry cost than most other 200 mile races. Our course has very little elevation gain compared to other 200’s. This will allow for athletes who are considering a 200 a chance to try out the distance on an easier course or someone training for a more mountainous course a chance to train at that distance on flatter terrain. This course also will be a perfect opportunity for any elites to set a new 200 mile distance WORLD RECORD!! (we intend on having the course certified.)

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    Schedule of Events

    Here is a schedule of events for the start and end of the race.

    Wed. Aug 3rd 8am-12pm:

    packet pickup

    8/3 12pm:

    race start

    8/7 6am:

    race ends

    Pacer Information

    Pacers will be permitted to join their runner at the Canal Fulton aid station in St. Helena Park.

    Race Start Time and Info

    Start Address

    This race is currently being re-created into a bigger and better race in 2023. More details coming soon!


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    200 mile
    12:00 pm



    First NameLast NameCityStateAgeGenderDistance/Duration
    KPKellySt. AugustineFL42Male200-mile
    AshleyCondieSouth JordanUT36Female200-mile

    The Course

    The RDR200 course is a 100 mile out and back course (200 miles) starting in Central Ohio and continues all the way to Lake Erie. RDR200 primarily utilizes the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath. The race will start at Camp Tuscazoar (6066 Boy Scout Rd Dover OH) And run down onto the Zoar Valley Trail (.3 miles) which is an old rail bed made into a bike/running trail. Then you will connect onto the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath which you will stay on all the way to Cleveland (95 miles) The Towpath is a mix of Crushed limestone and asphalt surfaces. Then you connect to Centennial Lake Link trail for .5 miles then you will have .5 mile of sidewalk to connect you to the Lakefront Bikeway which will continue all the way to Lake Erie at Edgewater Park. At that point you will be halfway done (100 miles) then you will receive a small token from one of the race directors and turn around and head back!

    Aid Stations

    Our normal fully (over) stocked aid stations will be every 10-15 miles. After the 1st several aid stations we will have both hot and cold foods. We will have Water, Gatorade, and Heed as well as several sodas at each aid station. A complete list of aid station locations will be posted soon.

    Aid Station Descriptions


    What does CUPLESS mean? There will be no paper cups for cold drinks at the aid stations. Runners will be responsible for carrying their own containers to refill along the way. Grab a cup, a hydration vest, pouch, or water bottle and we will fill it at each aid station along the way. We ask you to help us in our efforts by preparing for a cup-free race day and thank you in advance for being good stewards of the trail. We will provide hot cups for coffee, broth, and soup.

    Sleep Stations

    We will have 2 sleep stations along the course. Each will have cots and a blanket for anyone using them.

    Leaving the Course

    Runners will be able to leave the course at any aid station. However to do so you must follow the check out procedure. Runners will have to turn in their bib and timing chip to the aid station captain they then can leave the course but must return to the same aid station to get their bib and timing chip before the cutoff time for that aid station and resume their race from that point. This will allow runners to possibly car camp where permitted with their crew, get a nearby hotel or AirB&B, or crash at a friends house for a bit during the race.

    Dropping from the Race

    Runners may only drop from the race at Aid Stations. And must inform the aid station captain.


    Pacers will be able to join their runner from mile 60 aid station on. Only 1 pacer per runner at any given time. Pacers are welcome and encouraged to use the aid stations and sleep stations. However pacers will have to give up their cot if other runners come in and need a cot.( we anticipate having plenty of cots that this won’t happen, but just know that it could be a scenario) Pacers will need to sign a pacer waiver which will be available at each pacer-access aid station. Pacers will be provided with a pacer bib which must be worn and visible while out on the course.


    Runners are not required but certainly encouraged to have a crew. Crews are allowed at most aid stations along the course (reference Aid Stations section above). We ask crews to please follow any signage and directions from aid station staff at each aid station and please do not block any public roadways.
    Crew may not meet their runner at any point on the course other than designated crew access aid station. Runners will be automatically disqualified for receiving aid from crew outside of crew access aid stations.


    This race would not be possible without an incredible team of volunteers. Come help the dreams and goals of our runners become a reality on race day by volunteering. And while you volunteer you will be earning $7 per hour to use towards any future Race Brimstone Race.So if you are going to be out crewing you may as well earn some race entry money. (dollars earned can be given to a friend or family also)

    Drop bags

    Bags should be clearly labeled with name, bib number, and aid station. We will do our best to keep drop bags protected from the elements by providing a pop up tent over drop bags at aid stations. However we still recommend weatherproofing your bags if this is a concern. Race Brimstone is not responsible for any lost or damaged items in drop bags, including the drop bags themselves. When you pass through an aid station, PLEASE move your drop bag to the “Return to Finish” pile so that we can quickly move it to the finish line to meet you later.


    The RDR200 course is primarily designated hike/bike paths however there are several short sections of road, sidewalk and road crossings which are subject to all applicable traffic laws. So here are a few things to remember.

     Vehicles have the right of way and will NOT stop for you. 

    It is your responsibility to obey all traffic laws 

    Don’t run in the vehicle lane. 

    Use sidewalks, bike lanes, shoulders when possible.

    Run on the left side, facing traffic.

    Look both ways and cross when safe.

    Cross in crosswalks.

    Wait for crossing signals.

    Obey pedestrian laws.

    Stay safe.

    Cut off times and DNF

    You’ve all worked hard to make it to Run Devil Run 200 and we don’t want to cut anyone from the course. However, it is a long race and there are so many moving parts. We need to ensure runner safety and be able to predict logistics and volunteer shifts. So cutoff times will be enforced. In order to stay ahead of the cutoff, runners will need to maintain a 28.5 min/mile pace (including stopping time) and we feel this is generous. Cutoff times will only be enforced at Aid Stations with crew access. If a runner doesn’t have a crew, we will shuttle you to the Finish Line as soon as we are able. Overall cutoff for the race is 96 hours.


    Warning of Risks and Assumption of Risks. Participation in the Event may challenge and engage your physical and mental resources. You should not participate in the Event if you have any health conditions affecting your ability to participate. You should seek advice from your physician before participating in the Event. There is always a risk of injury when participating in exercise activities and, understandably, not all hazards and dangers can be foreseen. Participation in the Event may involve inherent risks, dangers and hazards, which may occur without warning, or be due to poor skill level, lack of conditioning, carelessness and other unforeseen, unidentified or unexpected perils inherent in physical activities. By execution of this Agreement, I acknowledge that I understand the risk and danger of accidents, physical injury, effects of exercise, and the unpredictable nature of the human body and the activities inherent in the nature of the Event. I acknowledge that I am a voluntary participant in this Event, and in good physical condition. I further acknowledge that physical exercise and participation in this Event will challenge and engage my physical resources. I have either visited with my physician and received doctor's advice and consent to my exercise program or have waived such advice and consent of my doctor, and accept any and all risks.

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